What is the UnitedHealthcare Retail Operations Program?

The UnitedHealthcare Retail Operations Program creates agent-based leads and sales opportunities for all UnitedHealthcare Medicare products through partnerships with retailers, financial service providers, community resources and other business development. It also provides the necessary marketing tools to help enhance the Medicare buying experience for both the agent and consumer where UnitedHealthcare Medicare product offerings are being discussed.

The retail environment strengthens our consumer promise by providing our products and services in an easy and accessible venue. We are here to serve and engage our consumers in a convenient and personalized manner. The Retail Operations Program is a unique venue equipped to help the needs of the consumers we serve.

How to Participate in the UnitedHealthcare Retail Operations Program

In order to participate in a retail program, an agent or broker should first contact their Agent/Agency Manager. The Agent/Agency Manager will work with UnitedHealthcare's Retail Operations Team to determine appropriate next steps.